Medication & Forms Some brand names Some sources Average price Class of medicines Med may treat some (but not necessarily all) strains of these health problems Notes
Sulfadimethoxine Albon, Durvet Sulfadimethoxine, Di-Methox Vets, animal health stores, vet suppliers, feed stores,
$12 Powder Form
Mix 1 package in one gallon water. 2 tablespoons mixture per gallon drinking water 1st day 1 Tablespoon per gallon drinking water 5 additional days
$38 Gallon Premixed
1 Tablespoon = 15cc
Sulfa Drugs / Sulfonamides / Sulphonamides In CERTAIN poultry: Infectious Coryza, Fowl Cholera, Coccidiosis, E. coli Sullen, depressed appearance.
Some respiratory symptoms including runny eyes, nasal discharge, eyes may be swollen shut.

*Is safest Sulfa drug for poultry. (Note: Don't use Sulfaquinoxaline.)
Fortified Vitamin B Complex (100mg B1/ml) $6 + shipping Weaving. Floppy. Head turned at odd angle Corrects digestive system after bird gets into moldy food or spores of mold in environment. Sometimes happens after worming or a round of anti parasitic treatment, because both these disrupt the microbes/probiotics that make digestion possible. Thiamine (B1) is necessary to process sugar/carbs into energy for brain. To prevent, always follow antibiotics or de-wormers with probiotics.
Probiotics - Preventative Horse or cattle Probiotics are cheaper and are the same as backyard poultry type. Feed Stores top dress feed once a week to keep digestion running smoothly
Oxine $31 to $39 depending on specials. Activator is not essential. Do not use Activator if animals are present. Respiratory infections.
Premise treatment for all pathogens and molds
For Respiratory infection: Use without Activator - 7.5 ounces per gallon in a vaporizer (One from Drug Store) As Premise Spray Directions on Package. Use Fogger from Ace Hardware for large areas or Humidifier  for small areas. If animals are present, do not use Activator. If no animals are present, use activator to make a stronger solution to sterilize area. see directions for returning animals to area.
vetRx for poultry   Most feed stores, $10+ depending on source      



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